Monday, 7 September 2015

EN: Czech Crock-14 at the Country Festival of Klewenalp (Switzerland)

Further videos of Crock-14 at Klewenalp can be found here.

Have I always been a country fan? No, certainly not. Quite frankly, at the time when my Czech cousin began to take interest in this culture, I – having grown up in Sweden – perceived this as an artificial tribute to the United States. But while I myself have switched hobbies innumerable times through life, he has maintained his and keeps specialising in American clogging. Now, thanks to all the performances I have seen with his and his wife's dance group Crock-14, even I have developed.

Alpen Country Open Air Festival 

For this reason, I had a really good time when, in July, they appeared at Alpen Country Open Air - a festival here in Klewenalp (Nidwalden, Switzerland), which this year was held for the 21st time. It has a truly unique atmosphere, even without Crock-14 on the stage. Prior to their performance, the audience was dancing line dance and I believe that my wife and I actually bolt felt that that could be something for us. Later on in life, that is...

Hike from Klewenalp to Stockhütte (while Our Children were in Sweden ...) 

Currently we are too busy with other interests, such as hiking. Between Crock-14's performances we had the time to walk to Stockhütte and back. That hike we possibly would not have been able to complete in two hours, had our children been here. Now, at the time they were with their grandparents in Sweden, something they truly enjoyed, as always. By the way, they hardly noticed that the weather was a lot worse there than here. The only thing they did complain about was that Swiss summer holidays are so short – they have only got five weeks while their Swedish friends have nine.

Crock-14 Celebrating their 20 Anniversary and Touring in Australia 

Let us return to Crock-14: As I am writing this, the Czech dance group has just returned home after a one month long tour in Australia. To follow that journey I had to make do with their social media (Facebook and YouTube). But on 29th November this year, I want to be on site in Prague when the group celebrates its 20th anniversary (!). That I at the same time can expose myself to linguistic immersion and polish my Czech is an added bonus.

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My blog post about Crock-14 in Klewenalp 2014 can be found here.

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More pictures from Klewenalp can be found on Instagram.

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