About Me

My name is Erik Wirdheim, I am a Swedish national and since August 2013 I live in Zürich (Switzerland) together with my wife and our two sons. 

I have always been committed to self-improvement and lifelong learning, something I will benefit from to master the major challenges I have set for myself:

My Language Challenges 

Mother Tongue Acquisition 

Before the end of 2018, native speakers of German and Czech shall think of me as someone sharing their mother tongue.

Mother Tongue Extension 

With a basis in Swedish, Czech and German, I shall simultaneously develop perfect passive language skills in Danish, Norwegian, Slovak and Swiss German (in my case Züritüütsch).

Academic Language Studies 

I want to achieve an academic degree in linguistics and have selected Polish for this purpose.

More Language Learning 

I will maintain my very high level of Spanish and Catalan by developing business activities in and around Barcelona.

I will maintain my intermediate level of French and Russian by searching opportunities for regular social interaction in these languages.

My Personal Brand Building Challenge 

I will build a strong position for myself in the Swiss and international travel, tourism and lifestyle industries, with a focus on active holidays, outdoor sports and fitness.

My Fitness Challenges 

I will continue with my fitness, strength, balance and flexibility training routines. Until now I do not have explicit targets, but you can regularly find me rowing with Nordiska Roddföreningen, doing strength training at the gym FitnessPark Stockerhof, swimming at Hallenbad City or taking contemporary dance classes at Tanzwerk101. Apart from this, you might also meet me skiiing or hiking in the Swiss Alps.

My Background 

Movement comes natural to me. Physically, during my whole childhood and adolescence in Halmstad (Sweden) I was literally surrounded by gymnastics. Mentally, I am highly adaptable to change and good at integrating in new places. Apart from Sweden and Switzerland, I have also lived in Prague (Czech Republic; 2 years), Poznań (Poland; 1 year) and Bangkok (Thailand; 4 years) and Vilanova i la Geltrú (Catalonia, Spain; 8.5 years).

My academic background is a Master of Science in Business Administration (Lund University, Sweden). Being a socially out-going open-minded person, I have held several positions as an international sales manager, with products and services ranging from table decorations and food packaging to condoms and office space. Currently I work at the young company BNL Clean Energy with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. I actively follow how marketing is developing thanks to and through social media.

Networking with me is easy. You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, but also meet me physically for example with InterNations Zürich, where I used to be one of the community Ambassadors but now focus on the role as Consul for German, Polish and Spanish conversation.

Alternatively, you are of course also welcome to send me an e-mail.

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